Most days are spent either editing photos in various coffee shops around portland, or out among the wild exploring unique locations with new friends I meet along the way. I try to explore the greater PNW with weekend camping trips shooting along the coast and up around Washington's great forests. I even take longer trips out to Utah and down to Austin. I always keep a tent and sleeping bag in my car so I'm ready for just about anything.

My Story

I got into photography after my sister gave me her old camera about 4 years ago. I have been professionally shooting for two years and shooting full-time for one. What that started my journey into portrait photography was actually taking photos of my baby sister jolene, before she passed away. We knew as a family we didn't have much time with her and that our time together was precious (due to the degree of her cancer), so I made it my goal to capture special moments with her as often as I could, she sadly lost her 5 year battle with cancer in 2015, three months before her 13th birthday.

I believe you can see that in my work, my goal to capture the little moments that might otherwise be missed. I try my best to capture the love and emotion that surrounds us, offering people a new perspective on what they already have, and might not appreciate. My goal is to show love to all those I meet, through photography or in my everyday life.