Gold Presets (Original)

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Gold Presets (Original)

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Now offering my very first pack of Lightroom presets!

My "Gold presets" include 8 Lightroom presets, created to achieve warm milky skin tones, neutral greens, and deep shadows. These presets are ideal for Weddings, Bridals, and Portraits shot with natural lighting. These are perfect for fast and easy editing, and for clean and consistent looking work.

Now remember these presets aren't magic and won't make a bad photo good, they’re meant to be used on well-exposed images with good light. Don’t expect these to turn a badly taken photo into an amazing photo.

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.


The first preset of the set, adds contrast and lowers the highlights and blacks, so it keeps the rich skin tones as well as warms up the shadows and mid tones for a very clean looking portrait.


The second of the set is more for nature and outdoor portraits, with less contrast it adds a touch of brightness and helps keep the subject soft with the warm and milky tones.


The third of the set keeps more detail in the warm tones, also desaturates the greens and blues to keep a very minimal color palette, and clips the shadows to give it a more faded hazy look.


This is my favorite of the set, and definitely, the one I use most. I brought back the more contrasted look while keeping a bit of fade. I heavily desaturated the greens and brought down the blues, and made sure to keep very warm milky skin tones, since that is my style.


This is a nice and bright preset that saves the highlights and enhances the skin tones for a vibrant sunny feel. This preset highlights the bright whites and keeps a minimal color spectrum.


This preset brings down the shadows and warms up any skin tones, I clipped the highlights to keep the rich colors as well as played with the tonal curve to keep the deep contrast and colors. It is similar to JA4 but with richer shadows.


Probably my warmest preset, this one ups the shadows and warm tones while clipping the reds. After desaturating the reds and adding more contrast helps the subject stand out with a golden airy feel.


My final Preset, and the only one in B&W. I wanted this preset to be very crisp so I bumped the clarity just a bit, and clipped the highs and lows to give it a bit of a faded look, but added some contrast back in, to even it out. 

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

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